European Leaders in Support of U.S.

Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:47:20 -0800

Until last night I thought that the UN would not vote with the US, that
France might even be stupid enough to veto the resolution, and that in
A) The US would do it anyway.
B) The UN Security Council would be destroyed, no more relevant in the
future than the League of Nations is now.

After looking at the news last night I told my wife that Bush would get
UN backing.
A) They have 8 votes.  They will probably get at least 12 when the votes
are cast.
B) Neither Russia nor France can afford to veto this.  If either do, see
situation #1.


And since the troops won't be ready until late Feb anyway, the timing is
just about perfect.

Most of the world assumed Saddam and his allies in France suckered Bush.
It doesn't look like that anymore.

> From: [] On Behalf Of R.
> Hettinga
> > It would seem that the German and French leaders are looking a
> > shade isolated there. This would make the invasion of Iraq pretty
> > much a certainty.
> What amazes me is how neatly they're pulling this off.