thinking inside the box

Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:53:50 -0500 (EST)

This is from the PTP list wherein we are always looking for low cost
ubiquitos ways to make nodes grow from the masses such that we can
spread out the coverage.

Thoughts, flames, cracks on my spelling..send em over.
Ok, please stop me if this makes no sense....

Cost effective linux able platfrom with an ethernet port, only moving part
is a cd the shelve from a Kmart...powerfull enoughto
run a ptp node setup....

I hate to say this....Xbox....PS2....

(the ps2 does not have an ethernet port built in but it does have a USB
that takes either  the ether or wireless adapters)

For under 200 bucks you pick up one of these, slap on the linux distro
that works best with it (preferably one form ptps ops team with all the
stuff ready to config easily), plug in a wireles device, possible put an
antenna on that....

And here is the real time goes on these devices that can do
all this will be PLUMETING in price.

Am I totaly off my  rocker here to think a PS2 or Xbox Clone Army PTP
node  Box is a good thing?


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