RedHat 6.2 vs 8.0

James Rogers
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 00:00:33 -0800

The word around our office is that RedHat 8.0 "ain't right", and that you
would be better off waiting for the x.1 release.  That said, RedHat 6.2
should probably be put out to pasture if you are using it on a desktop.

I blew away my Mandrake 8.x yesterday after a botched cross-grade made it
blow chunks that weren't worth recovering.  Good riddance I say.

My new build is Gentoo Linux 1.4, which has a very different feel from
normal Linux distributions and I am the first person around the office to
use it.  It is at that stage where it is getting a lot of buzz but is still
pretty cultish.  My first impression is very favorable; the entire
distribution revolves around a pretty comprehensive BSD "ports" type
architecture that seems to work pretty well.  This appeals to me on two
different levels.  First, I am one of those people who think FreeBSD is
God's Own Operating System, and appreciate a borrowed idea well-implemented.
Second, it is appears to be a lot better than the really crappy
update/package systems that most distros use that drive me mad and never
work right.  

The Gentoo installation process is not the polished point-and-drool type
that most popular installations have, and even the feel and flow of the
installation is really different than any other Linux distro I've used.
Nonetheless, it works pretty well and it has a few really slick tricks and
clever ways of doing things that I have never really seen a Linux
distribution do before.  It isn't for beginners, but if you are comfortable
working in Unix it is a very interesting concept and an attractive way of
doing things.  Of course, my opinion may change after I've used it awhile,
but it does address some of the things that I always hated about Linux.


-James Rogers