European Leaders in Support of U.S.

Frank Bergmann
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:20:02 +0100

What a support!

- Berlusconi as the new "Duce", controlling 90% of television (both
  state and private) and setting up laws to cover up his corruption
- Jose Maria Aznar, know as the small Hitler here (like this Charly 
  Chaplin parody) for his authoritarian style suppressing the 
  autonomous Spanish regions and for introducing a new national flag 
  ceremony with a flag of 40m2 every month in Madrid

Both countries have shown about 80% disaproval of the war in public 
polls, even in the case of a new UN resolution if I remember right. 
This was the highest rate in Europe, even higher then France and 


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> OTOH, I would go out of my way, further down the road, to punish both
> France and Germany.
> France -- oops, all your commercial ties with Iraq disappeared.  Your
> pro-Saddam stance didn't please the new readers.  If you hadn't done
> your best to betray us we might have tried to protect you.  
> But not now.
> Germany -- We need to cut costs, and that means reducing what we spend
> on NATO.  This will of course have negative economic implications for
> your struggling economy.  Pay no attention to the fact that 
> some of your
> neighbors will be getting the money we used to spend in Germany.
> > 
> > France will find a way to decline the veto, probably
> > from the above.  One would hope that Bush sees
> > the sense in providing something decent so even
> > the French have no trouble.
> > 
> > She will punish Britain, another way, another time.