RedHat 6.2 vs 8.0

Luis Villa
31 Jan 2003 10:53:11 -0500

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 03:00, James Rogers wrote:
> The word around our office is that RedHat 8.0 "ain't right", and that you
> would be better off waiting for the x.1 release. 

FWIW, 8.1 is going to have a lot of newness that means it'll probably
also have lots of issues. New threading library, for one.

> My new build is Gentoo Linux 1.4, which has a very different feel from
> normal Linux distributions and I am the first person around the office to
> use it.  It is at that stage where it is getting a lot of buzz but is still
> pretty cultish.  My first impression is very favorable; the entire
> distribution revolves around a pretty comprehensive BSD "ports" type
> architecture that seems to work pretty well.

It doesn't. :) I get literally hundreds of bug reports from gentoo users
who have broken their systems in hundreds of completely unusual ways.
The problems are of course impossible to debug because the dependency
system is broken, and/or they had the 'freedom and flexibility' to
completely break it themselves. Or they were given 

>  It isn't for beginners, but if you are comfortable
> working in Unix it is a very interesting concept and an attractive way of
> doing things.  Of course, my opinion may change after I've used it awhile,
> but it does address some of the things that I always hated about Linux.

The problem is that they pitch it as being for beginners- or rather, for
people who 'want to learn about a linux system from the ground up.'
Hence, those people break a lot of shit, because they don't know their
ass from a hole in the ground but they do know that -O6 will make things

So... I guess if you know what you are doing, it sounds like a great
concept. But for those of us who have to deal with gentoo users
regularly, the overall impression is not a good one.