Boston-- cat needs adoption. Boston FoRKers?

Strata Rose Chalup
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:24:28 -0500

Hi gang,

I know, I never post anymore, but I'm trying to help a friend.  If
you can provide a happy and loving home for a nice cat, either in
the Boston area or somewhere near enough for him to get the cat
to you, please let Wil know.

Many thanks,

Wil Howitt <> wrote:
> My cat Chani needs a better home than I can provide.  I don't have
> much time these days, and I'm going to be traveling a lot this winter,
> and I don't have any roommates to help care for her.  It's time
> for me to let her go.
> She's probably about 10 years old (arrived as an adult stray), calico
> and white, very healthy, petite and slender, curious and personable.
> She's a great hunter, and will catch mice and birds whenever possible,
> and chase string when not.  Doesn't get along well with other cats.
> Eats dry Cat Chow food exclusively (doesn't like canned food).
> She comes with litterbox and litter, food dishes and food, and her
> special pillow for sitting by the window.  Yes, she's fixed.
> If I can't find a home for her, she'll have to go to a shelter, and
> that's a near-certain death sentence for a 10 year old cat.
> let me know ...
> Wil

When I asked a few days ago, he said:

> Hi Strata.  No, I haven't found a home for her yet.  I have a couple
> of people who are saying "absolutely last resort, I'll take her"
> but I'm still holding out for something a little better.
> Please do share this information with whoever you think might help.
> thanks!
> Wil
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