The Marching Morons

Sat, 1 Mar 2003 01:16:34 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Mr. FoRK wrote:

--]I thought rights applied to actions. I thought rights were a shield to
--]prevent others from using force upon you, rather than force to be used upon

The rights thing has always fascinated me. Rights are throw around like
assumtions , and we all know where that gets you (go rent the bad news
bear (the first better of the films) to get the run down)

A right to a standard fo living...does this mean I have the right to have
the oppertunity to go make a wage that will give my family a standard of
living that is deemed "standard: by society, or is this aright in the
sense of I am entitled to this so where is the line to get mine and can we
just make it an automatic caching in my bank account cause I dont have
time to wait on lines.

Its my understanding that rights are states of being, such as the right to
a free press. This is a whole series of actiosn that makes up somethign
called a free press. You need folks willing to right in a free and open
way, you need folks who want to read the stuff, others who are willing to
fund it. IF the balance is lost well, for instance if the majority of the
people are willing to take the press of one or two sources and dont care
to fund others then those limitations solidify.

Once lost or eroded rights and freedoms dont magicaly come back., its like
loosing weight...its very easy to put on the pounds but a dang site harder
to shed them.

Most rights were won by some folks who thought they were something worth
fighting for and then decided to write it down that they  paid the price
so that thier offspring can have that right since it was  paid for.

Thing is the ongoing price of any right or freedom is constant vigilence,
this means many things but in a nutshell it means upkeep. Like voting, or
activley participating in making sure your elected officals are not given
the power to do allthose things folks a long time ago fought
taxastion without representation or the life liberty and the pursit of

It means keeping the rights and freedoms well oiled, it means spending the
time to learn thier workings, thier history and thier  problematic quirks.

Basicaly it means giving half a shit. In the UNited States of Apathy
you can see with stunning clairty the ways inwhich the noble savage looses
thier rights and freedoms.