Apple schematics or parts lists?

Eirikur Hallgrimsson
Sat, 1 Mar 2003 06:05:53 -0500

(contains analog hardware geeking)

I have here a dead G3 All-In-One that I got for a song, that blew the first 
regulator chip in such a way as to obscure the part number.   I could fix 
this if I could figure out what that part is.  I'm fairly sure it was a 
faulty insertion into the board that caused the problem.   It wanted to 
pull itself apart and did, eventually under heat stress.

Apple clearly doesn't seem to support servicing a circuit board.   They 
just replace units.   At DEC we called those FRUs, Field Replaceable 

I have the board ID, the power supply's ID, I know the chip number on the 

The AIO is a pretty strange machine.   It's rather large and heavy, but
I like unusual computers.   It's the last mac that had the legacy 
connectors for all the peripherals that I have, AND it has slots for 
adding USB and firewire.