Apple schematics or parts lists?

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Sat, 01 Mar 2003 09:31:56 -0800

I hav ethe same thing with an unreliable
G4--one of the very first to come out.  Despite
replacing everything except the chip and motherboard,
it's a real bitch.  It's very stable using os 9,
incredibly unstable on every minor release of os X
including not even installing or installing and
seg faulting on folder creating on the desktop or
other simple tasks.  It's fairly stable now, but
compression doesn't work at all which to me indicates
a bad floating point something or other.   

Apple's official line:  Buy a new one--which I
can't as it's a work computer, so I have to keep
limping it along.


Eirikur Hallgrimsson wrote:
> (contains analog hardware geeking)
> I have here a dead G3 All-In-One that I got for a song, that blew the first
> regulator chip in such a way as to obscure the part number.   I could fix
> this if I could figure out what that part is.  I'm fairly sure it was a
> faulty insertion into the board that caused the problem.   It wanted to
> pull itself apart and did, eventually under heat stress.
> Apple clearly doesn't seem to support servicing a circuit board.   They
> just replace units.   At DEC we called those FRUs, Field Replaceable
> Units.
> I have the board ID, the power supply's ID, I know the chip number on the
> board......
> The AIO is a pretty strange machine.   It's rather large and heavy, but
> I like unusual computers.   It's the last mac that had the legacy
> connectors for all the peripherals that I have, AND it has slots for
> adding USB and firewire.
> Eirikur