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Gregory Alan Bolcer
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Endeavors Technology Teams With SunGard At Information
Availability Conference For Britain's Financial Services Institutions

Worldwide organization serving 20,000 financial services institutions 
invites Endeavors Technology to showcase its secure network messaging, 
collaboration and on-demand application delivery products at the SunGard 
Information Availability Conference – Connections 2003 (March 25-26, 
2003, London)

Irvine (California) and Cambridge (UK), March 3, 2003 – Endeavors 
Technology, Inc. today announces that its European business unit has 
accepted an invitation from SunGard to showcase its full range of secure 
messaging, application delivery and collaboration products at the 
SunGard Information Availability Conference – Connections 2003.

The conference is being staged in London on March 25 and 26 to update 
network administrators and IT leaders of Britain's financial services 
institutions on current developments and future trends in network 
communications, collaboration and business continuity. Endeavors joins a 
select group of SunGard strategic partners and industry bodies to 
exhibit for the duration of the conference.

Bringing currency to legacy architectures
The financial services world is faced with rising costs of bringing 
currency to legacy and client server architectures, as well as the 
challenge of complying with new security and audit regulations. 
Addressing these new challenges with traditional technologies can be 
slow and costly, and could also expose companies to unnecessary security 

Endeavors' products bring new solutions to address three main business 
problems of financial services institutions and each can be immediately 
deployed across network infrastructures without major capital expenditure.

The first solution attacks the costly deployment of desktop software 
from central servers, including regular security patches and updates. 
It's been estimated that it costs most enterprises around $200 per 
desktop per year to simply manage simple desktop applications like 
Microsoft Office used at the client level. The cost escalates for power 
users of rich, megabyte applications. Endeavors’ Magi Application 
Express virtually eliminates this needless overhead by streaming 
applications on-demand from servers to desktops, and providing an audit 
trail. Gartner coins this technology as ODADS (on demand application 
delivery systems) for the enterprise. By streaming applications and 
managing them as a service to the desktop, enterprises can slash the 
total cost of owning applications, and better manage software licensing 

Endeavors' second real world solution is Magi Secure IM  bringing 
interoperability, security and auditing to popular instant messaging 
platforms without the need to build any new infrastructure or 
modification of the IM client. By preserving the user experience with a 
familiar client, Endeavors' solution speeds adoption of secure instant 
messaging in the enterprise. From a corporate perspective, handing 
control over IM back to central IT enables enterprises to enforce 
comprehensive enterprise security policies at the desktop. The solution 
also addresses new security regulations, and also delivers native 
interoperability between different IM systems such as Yahoo, AIM and MSN 
Messenger.  The deployment of Magi Secure IM is consistent with the 
goals of FIMA (Financial Industry Messaging Association), a consortium 
of Wall Street banks.

Finally, Endeavors will showcase a suite of secure collaboration 
solutions from desktop file sharing to integrated document management 
and web conferencing. This allows users of sensitive company information 
to share and author documents securely inside and between enterprises 
while making full use of existing document management systems like 
LiveLink or other back end data repositories This technology also 
enables desktop access to legacy data across firewalls without building 
new infrastructure. In addition, professionals combining heavy document 
authoring and web conferencing can switch between collaborative 
authoring and web conferencing with WebEx with a single click of the 
mouse while keeping a continuous track of activities and documents 
before, during and after meetings.

SunGard (NYSE-SDS) is a worldwide organization serving the 
business-critical needs of financial services institutions. It acquires 
and integrates best-of-breed products into business processes and 
financial networks to address the emerging needs of its 20,000 clients 
in 50 countries. The daily operations of 47 of the world's 50 largest 
financial services institutions depend upon SunGard solutions.

Endeavors Technology, a subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (LSE-TAD), 
is a leading developer of  Web-enabling solutions for network 
infrastructures. Its Magi-branded products securely extend enterprise 
communication and collaboration and business processes, bringing 
currency to legacy systems and operations, and provide audit trails. 
They transform today's Web into a highly secure inter- and 
intra-enterprise collaboration network for the delivery and interaction 
of files, Windows applications and instant messaging. Full details of 
Endeavors' Web-enabling products are given at


Note for Editors

For an executive briefing of Magi solutions before or after the SunGard 
conference, please contact Patcom Media Relations on 0207 987 4888, or 
by email Information packs are also available 
upon demand.

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