US prepares to use toxic gases in Iraq

Mon, 3 Mar 2003 12:39:13 -0800

What constraints does the CWC place on riot control agents? 

Riot control agents are toxic chemicals that irritate or incapacitate
humans, causing tearing, sneezing, disorientation, or tiredness (e.g.,
tear gas). The effects of these toxic chemicals usually disappear within
a relatively short time. The CWC bans the use of riot control agents "as
a method of warfare," but allows their use for law enforcement purposes,
including domestic riot control.


So it seems the US could not bombard an Iraqi military site with CS, for
example, to degrade operations there.

On the other hand, using them on a riot after the military has obtained
control of a city would be considered (at least by our military) as a
Law Enforcement issue.

Hmmm.  If they are in uniform and shooting at you then hit them with
artillery.  Using CS in that case would be illegal.  If they are not in
uniform and throwing rocks you can use CS if you decide not to hit them
with artillery.