The Peoples Logistical Systems and Strategic Weapons Bureau (Re: China to colonize the moon)

R. A. Hettinga
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 18:48:00 -0500

At 3:44 PM -0800 on 3/3/03, Bill Humphries wrote:

> On Monday, March 3, 2003, at 02:44 PM, R. A. Hettinga wrote:
>>> I wonder what will be the challenges of optimizing
>>> supply chain when your supplier is in the moon.
>> Easy. Ballistic delivery. :-).
> "Whoops, so sorry about that JIT delivery of widgets hitting your 
> carrier group at relatvistic speeds."

Easy. Parachute. :-).

"Can you say 'transpiration heat-shield and low terminal velocity' boys and girls? There. I knew you could..."
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