The Moon is a Harsh Cadre Leader (was: The Peoples Logistical Systems and Strategic Weapons Bureau (was: China to colonize the moon))

R. A. Hettinga
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 21:23:47 -0500

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At 4:48 PM -0800 on 3/3/03, Bill Humphries wrote:

> Chinese Lunar-based linear accelerator

Yes, yes, yes, I know. I read the book. (<hand-to-Heinlein> I
BE-LIEVVVVE!!! sayhalelujiasomebody...</h-t-H>)

Clearly you think the (upper-case) Chinese would *keep* the moon,

Or, that the (lower-case-c) chinese, once actually there, would not
take out, say, <correct-spelling>Peking</c-s>, first (Peking, duck!)?

No, I don't have any illusions about ChiComs running with scissors
and "accidently" cutting our throats. I was merely thinking about the
proper logistics of, um, geodesic delivery. 

*I* know. *Here's* how we can prevent the ChiComs from raining rocks
on us all.

We can get a UN *resolution* *outlawing* space-based
linear-induction. *That*'s it. Or, maybe we should all just sign the
Law-of-the-Sea Treaty, and *nobody* could use the Moon. Or, better,
what about the Moon Treaty -- like Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Ceaucescu's
Romania, the Philippines, etc., did. 

*That*'s it. The Moon Treaty. Yeah...

Don't blame me, I'm headed to the belt anyway...
Maybe the Oort cloud...
If you think mass-drivers on the moon are fun, wait until we start
moving *asteroids* around, baby. Bwahahaha!

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