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Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 14:59:05 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Dave Long wrote:

--]Since the Cold War has lost
--]its heat, how's this angle?

You mean Iron Shiek VS Sgt Slaughter 2003?

Its amazing that geopolitics is just about as, if not more so,  stupid
than most everything on  the WWF these days, and thats really saying
something since the WWF is  down to simulating sex with corpses in cofins,
doing screw jobs on Hulk  Hogan, letting Trips bury any new talent that
threatens him and in short  is the company with all the marbles but none
of the brains.

Now look at the world..Thousands year old middle east problem, idiot
bookers...er goverment policy makers, who have turned what should have
been a rally point of 9/11 into the reason to hate america so much so
france and germany are buttbuddies again, we got legislation which has
done more to gut the foudnign fathers ideas in the last 15 years than in
any 15 years before it, we are the country with all the marbles and none
of the brains to play with them to win.

The WWF is the last super power of wrestling, the cold war between it and
the WCW is over to the point that Bischoff is now MacMahons lackey.
Imagine if you will that the cold war turned things out such that Puttin
became Bush's waterboy.

We lost space, what was arguably Kenedy's "Manifest Destiny" for the last
century in much the same way that Jefferson's "MD" opened up the reality
of "sea to shinning sea". We lost space which meant that a generation or
two has now lost its dream, and living with crushed dreams is a bad bad
way to live.

We have lost and are loosing our freedoms in much the same way much the
the WWF talent has been shut out of thier own creative promises. What Bush
and Clinton have done over the last 10 years to the Cryptogrpahy,
INformation Exchange and the like is much like what is being done to RVD
and Booker T, though I would say RVD is the realer deal talnet of the two.
They, and our freedoms, are being held down and even atrophied in the name
of putting over a Bigger Picture...for the US its Homeland Security and
the War on Terror, in the WWF its the talent leporasy known as Tripple H
and the "Entertainment over Wrestling" booking of Gershawitless and his

The world is still fighting the age old battles of land use and what "god"
has written in some holy lease...The WWF is still playing out Hulk Hogan,
Kevin Nash, and other decade old talent.

The US is gving away its freedoms in the name of Security and the War on
Terror, the WWF is killing its talent pool in the name of putting over
washed up has beens like HHH.

The world is easily distracted by pretty lights and flash, the WWF knows
it can dsitract the audience with one off name pops, cheap theatrics and
flash over substance.

But how long will both hold out? Can the US goof up so amazingly and still
maintin its bases of power? Can the WWF pull its head out of its ass long
enough to see the dwindling viewership even though they are the monolopy
of mass media wrestling. Will the EU or China move in to take up the
failings of the US? Will the spirit of the ECW ever come back and claim
the niche fans with talent over flash, wrestling over entertainment and
charisma over cheap cosmetic spackle jobs?

Tune in next week, where in this very ring........