"Was I that Stupid"

Lucas Gonze lgonze@panix.com
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 09:04:35 -0500 (EST)

Gordon Mohr wrote:
> Perhaps it was too cold in NYC for a party atmosphere, but I can assure
> you that the San Francisco march/assembly, under clear blue skies, had 
> a party/carnival feel. 

This is a hard conversation to have, because it's so easy to slip over
into spin.  At the same time there are simple facts to uncover.  It meant
something that the NY march had an unusually broad base and seriousness of
purpose.  What it meant what that opposition to war in Iraq is real and

That's not to say that all such demonstrations had the same property.  So
I wonder if you noticed an unusually broad base and seriousness of purpose
there?  If not, then antiwar sentiment on the west coast might have a
different character than it does here.

The organizers and speakers of the NY march *were* the usual suspects.  
The fact that Sharpton spoke and got razzed meant that the marchers were
more conservative than the organizers.

- Lucas