"Was I that Stupid"

Elias Sinderson fork@xent.com
Wed, 05 Mar 2003 09:38:25 -0800

S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:

>[...] Sounds like a party to me.  Sounds like fun.  I
>know people who went because it sounded like fun
>even though they themselves favored regime change.
Come on, at least make the great leap of faith that someone can be both 
in favor of regime change, AND opposed to achieving that regime change 
with a war. Further, I should think it's not necessary to make every 
protest a somber and serious moment. The fact that some people are abe 
to have fun and put forth a political message at thte same time does not 
necessarily undermine the essence of the message itself.

I acknowledge that there were people who probably went to the protests 
just for the party. I refute the idea that anyone seen having a good 
time was only there for the party. People are social animals, they like 
to have fun - even when they're being serious.