NYTimes.com Article: A Prescription Plan Hailed as a Model Is a Budget Casualty

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Wed, 5 Mar 2003 18:52:25 -0800

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> cato: offering a special brand of reason

No opinions were quoted from Cato, only publicly available data on what
was spent when.  So your opinion of Cato isn't on point.

> that states should cut spending when the economy is tight (or they
> anticipate a tight economy and develop budgets accordingly) is not an
> insightful nor helpful observation. 

Why, exactly, is it not insightful to note that vastly increasing
spending (like Oregon) is likely to get you in lots of trouble some day.

States that didn't go as hog wild on spending as Oregon aren't in the
same fix.

Things are tough in WA for the state, but no where near as tough as they
are in OR.  One of the reasons is that initiatives in WA placed the
state in a tight spending straightjacket for much of this period.

Don't you think the slower rate of spending growth might have something
to do with things?

> ... these are the same folks who shrug off a ballooning national 
> deficit (mantra of explanation: 9/11, burst
> bubble, "slow" recovery, war imperative) 

You have CATO confused with someone else.  Or perhaps you don't know
what Cato thinks on those things.

> and who forget to factor in [the
> propensity of social problems to increase] 

Why do social problems have a propensity to increase?

> creates [a growing need for
> social services],