Andreessen on blogging

Eugen Leitl
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 23:37:14 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Tom wrote:

> Ya know, Ive just about had it with folks who think that every blog should
> or even can be the apex of journalistic endevours. You folks suck all the

You don't have to pull a Pulitzer on your blog. But what's the point in
running one? The average monkey is governed but by a few elementary
forces; how does the blogging thing fit into that greater frame of things?


> fun out of a thing. Blogs are , for a lot of people, simply a way to
> express stuff in your everyday life. Its another venue for keeping track

What's the ulterior motive behind expressing stuff? Don't need full inner 
state dump, but I'm still curiour what the differences between the 
obsessive-compulsive mailer vs. blogger are, if any.

> of the stuff you find interesting in the day in day out journey of living.
> The other funsucking activity tied to this  is the NEED to read
> everything. There is a definte bunch of people who feel that unless they

Absolutely. Time to kick quite a few lists, or go cold turkey on the 
medium altogether.

> read every last bit of data put up then they are missing out and somehow
> less of a being. Thier solution to this is to limit what is being put up.

Blogs are pull, I can't even manage to wade through my push.

> The omnivoraholic simply has to be there are else it simply has to not
> happen.
> If people are so insecure that they can not bear that something is goign
> on without thier devine being being a apart of things then maybe its time
> to cut the cat5 and seek bliss elsewhere.

Maybe God reads all the blogs. I'm no god, even the thought of potentially 
being able to makes me rather nauseous. Then, rather, give me plastinated 
> --]Those who can't, blog.
> Oh really, so I cant put out a zine? I cant be part of the Portland
> Personal telco Project? I cant be a good father? I cant collect old time
> radio shows? I cant dig Project Guttenberg and PD text efforts? I cant be
> a part of Distributed Proofreading? I cant build and launch model rockets?
> I cant go visit places aroudn the US with my family? I cant work on
> projects with my buds flung across the globe?

I can't imagine doing all of above at any worthwhile duty cycle. Not 
without any serious body mods at molecular level.
> I cant do all these things because I have blogged about them?
> What a beautiful freak of walking dancing bullshit you are mon amie.

Hey, if you're not a raver, don't hit me.
> My ratio of wanting to do things and doing them are pretty dang high.

I'm actually very interested in how you pull this off, and how mucht 
traction in all of this you can generate.
> Proof.......

Hey, do you think I'm Mr. 24/7/365-Net-crawl-bot, or something? Only 
Google reads and stores it all (most of it, and it's not sentient yet, 
> Oh wait, thats a blog, so that must invalidate everything on it.....bummer.
> Now go make fun of my spelling or something.

Nope. I'd rather like cheatsheets on how you pull all of this off without 
a daily power lunch on speed & Co.