Andreessen on blogging

Thu, 6 Mar 2003 17:58:18 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Eugen Leitl wrote:

--]You don't have to pull a Pulitzer on your blog. But what's the point in
--]running one? The average monkey is governed but by a few elementary
--]forces; how does the blogging thing fit into that greater frame of things?

Well fro starters, my family and extended family use it to see what we are
up to. I use it to keep folks in my project groups infromed about things.
My blog also ties togther some other stuff Im working on and acts as a
portal for my activities.

Go look at my stats, they are off the page. Folks use it and for
what it does it works damn well.

--]What's the ulterior motive behind expressing stuff? Don't need full inner
--]state dump, but I'm still curiour what the differences between the
--]obsessive-compulsive mailer vs. blogger are, if any.

Ulterior motive? There is nothing ulterior about why I blog. I listed a
dozen reasons in the last two posts.

Lordy who hit you with the clueless stick today? Expressing yourself is
what we do, we love to express ourselves becuase its part of being human.
We share in each others lives and  observe others.

Whats the value in this? For fucks sake whats the value in family photo
albums,  community bulliten boards (portland has many such and its one of
the reasons why its such a great city), community theater, local poetry
readings, local artist exhibits, dance troupes, story tellers, local new
casts, family letters, project communications, BBS's.

--]Blogs are pull, I can't even manage to wade through my push.

Sounds like your in need of pulling something a lot more often than you
are. I bet if you polish up your smile all shiny and bright and get with a
postivie attitude you might even get someone to pull it for you.

--]Maybe God reads all the blogs. I'm no god, even the thought of potentially
--]being able to makes me rather nauseous. Then, rather, give me plastinated

ASpirations to godhood, there I knew it was in you somewhere. JEeesh, I
should charge for this sort of theriputic analysis.

--]I can't imagine doing all of above at any worthwhile duty cycle. Not
--]without any serious body mods at molecular level.

That maybe the problem . You cant IMAGINE..... heres a clue...You cant do
what you cant imagine. Step the first, think it. Sure there is often a
long haul between think it and do it, but without the first there is
hardly ever the other.

--]> My ratio of wanting to do things and doing them are pretty dang high.
--]I'm actually very interested in how you pull this off, and how mucht
--]traction in all of this you can generate.

Ive been doing all this for many years, sometimes more sometimes less
depedning on things like having kids, wifes biz trip status (example I had
a broke rib a few weeks ago and my wife is away on a biz trip this week
leaving moi with the kids, so the zine is a few days off schedule..ce la
vie, it will get done soon.) etc etc.

Fluidity of schedules, persistnace of vision and simple goals.

--]Hey, do you think I'm Mr. 24/7/365-Net-crawl-bot, or something? Only
--]Google reads and stores it all (most of it, and it's not sentient yet,

I gave you the url to one page, If you cant rea one page then your problem
is pretty clear.

--]Nope. I'd rather like cheatsheets on how you pull all of this off without
--]a daily power lunch on speed & Co.

Come to portland and Ill show you the magic, or lack there of. Seriously,
think it, do it, get good at changing diapys.....

Of course somethings had to go, I chose spelling:)-