Andreessen on blogging

Eugen Leitl
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 00:29:07 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Tom wrote:

> Well fro starters, my family and extended family use it to see what we are
> up to. I use it to keep folks in my project groups infromed about things.
> My blog also ties togther some other stuff Im working on and acts as a
> portal for my activities.

My question, what is the moving force behind your public online 
activities. And how much of these online activities are detrimental to 
offline activities.

I'm trying to titrate this for me personally, so sorry if I yank your 
udder so hard. It's not personal.
> Ulterior motive? There is nothing ulterior about why I blog. I listed a
> dozen reasons in the last two posts.

If you did, I wouldn't be asking.
> Lordy who hit you with the clueless stick today? Expressing yourself is
> what we do, we love to express ourselves becuase its part of being human.
> We share in each others lives and  observe others.

I'm already very much aware of the stink of humanity. I'm rather
interested in personal perception of human motivations, though. (Last half
year of evolutionary-psychology has been quite interesting). That's what
I've been asking. So "being human" doesn't quite cut the senfgas.
> Whats the value in this? For fucks sake whats the value in family photo
> albums,  community bulliten boards (portland has many such and its one of
> the reasons why its such a great city), community theater, local poetry
> readings, local artist exhibits, dance troupes, story tellers, local new
> casts, family letters, project communications, BBS's.

That's exactly my question. I already know there's a big *NT* blip in 
online people, especially vocal online people. I'm just trying to figure 
out the down and dirty on it.
> Sounds like your in need of pulling something a lot more often than you

See about being human. My world-representation faculties are limited, and 
I'm already pushing them a bit. So 'growth a 5th neocortex' doesn't quite 
make much sense, not with current level of tech.

> are. I bet if you polish up your smile all shiny and bright and get with a
> postivie attitude you might even get someone to pull it for you.

My consistent record track of people resolving their online commitments 
indicates it doesn't happen. Given the low overlap between online and 
offline people I'm not even going to try, for obvious reason.

> ASpirations to godhood, there I knew it was in you somewhere. JEeesh, I

What else is there left to life? Aspirations to godhood would have been 
silly in 18th, 19th, even parts of 20th centry. Aspirations to godhood in 
21st century is basically a question of personal strategy, allocation of 
resources and scitech politics.

It might still be not enough, but it's at least a game with non-zero odds.

> should charge for this sort of theriputic analysis.

I shudder to think what immortal people would think of our epoch, and the 
attitudes prevailing. "Yeah, I love death, I'm a necrophiliac".
> --]I can't imagine doing all of above at any worthwhile duty cycle. Not
> --]without any serious body mods at molecular level.
> That maybe the problem . You cant IMAGINE..... heres a clue...You cant do
> what you cant imagine. Step the first, think it. Sure there is often a
> long haul between think it and do it, but without the first there is
> hardly ever the other.

Skip the rhetoric. I'm alredy titrating my hardware between the point of
failure and the the equilibrum of enjoyment.

My question is simple: how much of this stuff you think you're doing 
you're doing, and if you're doing nearly as much as you think you're doing 
how the fuck are you doing that much you're doing? Tell me all. Tell me 
now. I'll die when I hear.
> --]> My ratio of wanting to do things and doing them are pretty dang high.
> --]
> --]I'm actually very interested in how you pull this off, and how mucht
> --]traction in all of this you can generate.
> Ive been doing all this for many years, sometimes more sometimes less
> depedning on things like having kids, wifes biz trip status (example I had
> a broke rib a few weeks ago and my wife is away on a biz trip this week
> leaving moi with the kids, so the zine is a few days off schedule..ce la
> vie, it will get done soon.) etc etc.
> Fluidity of schedules, persistnace of vision and simple goals.

Hrm, so you're not leaking your tricks. Could have figured.
> I gave you the url to one page, If you cant rea one page then your problem
> is pretty clear.

Several hundred earls niagara through my inbox. Thanks to Jaguar I can't 
even click on them (nor can I on RH 8.0 Gnome's xterm, we're regressing).
> Come to portland and Ill show you the magic, or lack there of. Seriously,
> think it, do it, get good at changing diapys.....

Heh. Thanks for the invitation, but I'd rather do the West Coast by 
trailer first :))
> Of course somethings had to go, I chose spelling:)-