Washington state lacks an income tax? (was:A Prescription Plan Hailed)

James Rogers jamesr@best.com
06 Mar 2003 16:10:34 -0800

Several US States do not have an income tax.  For the best information
broken down by state:


States without individual income tax:

Alaska,Florida,Nevada,South Dakota,Texas,Washington,Wyoming

States without corporate income tax:

Nevada,South Dakota,Texas,Washington*,Wyoming

*Washington has a "gross receipts" tax that makes their inclusion here

So the States with neither corporate nor individual income tax are:

South Dakota

TaxFoundation.org is one of the best sites on the 'net for detailed
overviews and statistics of taxation policy in the US.


-James Rogers

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 18:48, geege wrote:
> florida doesn't have one either, and our guvnuh being the bro of the pres
> and all is a BIG help.
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> Did I hear that right? Cool. I'll have to put
> it on my short list.
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