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Thu, 6 Mar 2003 19:34:58 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Eugen Leitl wrote:

--]My question, what is the moving force behind your public online
--]activities. And how much of these online activities are detrimental to
--]offline activities.

I like to do things, over the years it seems the projects I get the most
enjoyment out of are those that connect people togther in some sense.

The  creation and coordination of the old time radio show CD share system
I  called the OTree (which at one point had over 100 memebers using the
snailmail system and thier cd burners to spread the  seed cds I sent out
so far and  wide that even today, years latter, the cds are making thier
way into the  hands of folks who want to listen to them) was a tough one,
I actualy had  to delegate after about a year of running it.  the
motivation behind that was I wanted folks to listen to old time radio
shows because they blew my synapses with thier goodness and I waned to
spread the joy.

The zine I  do covers yet  another group of people but has more
participation of others in its creation. I am the editor and the
distrubtion is set upto be much more load blanced than other projects I
have done.  I have had lots of help in the form of my friend trevor in
managing the creating and editing process, so its not a massivley
intensive task each month to put out an issue.

Many of my projects have offline aspects , like the geocaching stuff I do
and the Personal Telco Project. The PTP is turning out to be more Personal
than online as I have taken up being the organizer and host of a monthly
workshop I hold at my house for folsk to learn about the PTP as well as
have fun experimenting with gear, tech and the company of other like
minded folk.

The geocaching stuff is fun and needs to have more activity put to into it
as I have slacked on our familys finds recently. Flu and cold season was
to blame.

Having kids helps. My 8 year old loves geocaching both in finding and
creating of new caches. So does my wife, and man that helps things work
out greatly.

If anything my projects of late have goten me more offline activity than
some of my previous projects.

The blog I keep alomost as a mehtod to keep track of all this as well as
the neat stuff I find floating around the net, keeping in touch with my
family, and  just in general keepign me  upto date on me. If anyone other
than my wife, myself and a few immediate family/friends find it of
use...its all gravy.

--]I'm trying to titrate this for me personally, so sorry if I yank your
--]udder so hard. It's not personal.

I wouldnt be responding if I thought you ment ill will:)-  You know me, im
a pussycat in bronx wolves clothing.

--]I'm already very much aware of the stink of humanity.

Ugh dude, live if good, humanity is not all bad, glow with the light and
grab a little of the goodness in you.

--]year of evolutionary-psychology has been quite interesting). That's what
--]I've been asking. So "being human" doesn't quite cut the senfgas.

Well hell, Humanity in all its complexity is not only the answer its the

I think , for myself, it comes down to offering something that can make
others better for the experience .. like the old time radio share
group(otree), or the zine, or the personal telco project, or even things
like picturesof my kids (whcih brings great joy to a few folks which is
all good by me) or offering up public domain texts.

Even if one or two people find these of value it is a win as far as Im
concerned. Something I offred up was usefull to someone...Happy me, Happy
them..where the heck is the bad?

--]What else is there left to life? Aspirations to godhood would have been
--]silly in 18th, 19th, even parts of 20th centry. Aspirations to godhood in
--]21st century is basically a question of personal strategy, allocation of
--]resources and scitech politics.

Tahts just eh techbuble hangover talking. We are no closer to attainment
to godhead, even if there is such a thing, than we were in the previous
centurys. Dont be too sure of this technologcal wonder youve constructed
..etc etc.

--]I shudder to think what immortal people would think of our epoch, and the
--]attitudes prevailing. "Yeah, I love death, I'm a necrophiliac".

Oh this again? Look, here is live, why dont you enjoy it while your
living. If you do live forever at least then youll have the tools to enjoy
it rather than walking around till the fires all grow cold as a grumpy
lump of thought paterns.

Dude, face it , if life were the Care Bears youd be Grumpy Bear wether
youd lifed for 5 mins or 5000000 years. Dont lay your tude onthe fact your
not going to live to leave eons of humanity cold from your personailites

--]My question is simple: how much of this stuff you think you're doing
--]you're doing, and if you're doing nearly as much as you think you're doing
--]how the fuck are you doing that much you're doing? Tell me all. Tell me
--]now. I'll die when I hear.

Here it is. I do it. I spend the itme to see it and then do it. I dont
wait aroudn for guarntees it will work or etneral warnty contracts. I
live, I love and I do what makes thsoe things more so. I try to love those
that love me and make thier lives better.

Its that simple and that hard.

If your not even willing to see the validity of that then there is nothing
much I can do for you.

Its like a person standing in front of a Picasso  with thier eyes shut
going "This stuff must really suck cause Im not  getting what all the hype
is about"

--]Hrm, so you're not leaking your tricks. Could have figured.

 If I leaked anymore you could call me the Titanic. Dude, imi spelling it
all out for you.

--]Several hundred earls niagara through my inbox. Thanks to Jaguar I can't
--]even click on them (nor can I on RH 8.0 Gnome's xterm, we're regressing).

What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba, that he should weep for her? You
got tech issue, fix em. You want to live forever but you cant get to lots of luck.

--]Heh. Thanks for the invitation, but I'd rather do the West Coast by
--]trailer first :))

twisted, but the invite stands.