An alternative to state income tax (was: Washington lacks state income tax?)

Russell Turpin
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 01:26:42 +0000

Chris Olds:
>It's true now, and it'll take an amendment  to the state constitution to 
>put one in, but there's a long-standing effort to put on in. ..

Here in Texas, too. But we have a long tradition
of skewering the career of any politician who
gets too close to this issue.

I think there is a better alternative: move ALL
road costs from the general revenues of cities
and states into higher gasoline taxes. Payment
on road bonds, maintenance of roads and signals,
the police expense for traffic control, a
reasonable share of emergency services due to
auto accidents, and every other cost associated
with automobile travel should be covered by
gasoline tax^H^H^H, um, use fees. Once this
subsidy for public transportation is removed,
property and sales tax should be plenty adequate
to fund education, social services, fire and
police, and the other needs of state and city.

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