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We touched on this issue earlier.
Is China the new Wild Wild West?
(The world *is* round, you know)

And it wasn't just Vonnegut --
Stephenson too (Diamond Age)


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This is an issue I feel strongly about. We are in danger of becoming a
technical second rate country in a few more decades (if not sooner). Our
research labs, at least in my areas, are mostly gone either through
company contraction or due to being exported off shore.


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These headlines came across my virtual desk today. Unfortunately you
must pay to read the articles, but the headlines do speak for themselves.

The point that hit me is that China is moving ahead with engineering,
bio-tech and modern post-industrial production while the US seems to be
distracted while it unconsciously falls into a fog of spin and
anti-intellectualism, banning scientific experiments based on religious
fundamentalism and slowing down investment in new manufacturing and

US Scientists are already moving their labs to China do do biotech
research that is banned here in the US. Guess who is going to be the
most powerful nation in a decade if our government keeps up our their

         ATIP (Asian Technology Information Program) has released a new
         Chinese Science and Technology Digest for February 15-28, 2003.

         China Will Invest 700 Billion Yuan (~US$85B) for Scientific

         8.2 Billion Cell Phone Short Messages Sent Last Month in China

         Chinese First Digital Chip Developed in Shanghai

         China's Information Technology Sector Reports Slowdown

         China Discovers New Genes That Cause Parkinson's Disease

         China Puts New Anti-AIDS Drug in Clinical Use

         China Approves Production of HIV Testing Reagent

         Oracle to Train 4,000 Chinese Software Engineers Annually

         Organ Transplant Center Opens in Shanghai

         To view this newsfeed, please visit the ATIP website at:

         To subscribe to the China News site, please visit:


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