and why the hell...

Joseph S Barrera III
Sun, 09 Mar 2003 18:00:40 -0800

johnhall wrote:
> I think they must be hard to do for some reason.  C# didn't do them
> either.  The C# people say they are thinking about it, though.

They are a can of worms and a naive programmer can do a lot of bad
things with them. But I know how to use them intelligently and I
wish I had them. I'm guessing Adam would say that Java doesn't have
generics because it's designed for idiots to be able to use, and I
should just stick with C++. But I'm not going back to a language
without garbage collection.{48B1F279-2106-4103-AD0F-55B367F35FED}/session_id~{70C65F6E-E29A-40C3-99D7-6BF27BD58BE5}/content/index.asp
is a typical article about the dangers of templates.

There's got to be a way of doing generics right.
We just haven't figured it out yet, unfortunately.

- Joe