More about SCO & IBM

Joseph S Barrera III
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 08:52:53 -0800

I hate people. Now I hate them even more.,3668,a=38192,00.asp

"'It appears that SCO feels any code written to be part of the Unix
kernel, even if written entirely by IBM, belongs to SCO. And people
call the General Public License viral?'

"Perens said he believed SCO brought this case as an overture to being 
bought by either IBM or Microsoft. 'IBM has absolutely no incentive to 
settle. They can buy SCO for way less than it would cost to settle. 
SCO's market capitalization early Friday morning was just $22 million. 
This is lunch money for IBM and, if they bought the company, this 
would end any further potential claims related to SCO's intellectual 

"'Microsoft may try to buy SCO to use the assets to continue to create 
fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) around Linux. I really think this is 
an exit strategy by the main investors in SCO. I believe Microsoft or 
IBM will buy the company, and we may well see IBM counter-sue, which 
would then make such an acquisition unappealing to Microsoft,' Perens 
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