and why the hell...

Frank D. Greco
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 20:43:41 -0500

 >From: "Gordon Mohr" <>

 >They're planned for Java 1.5. See...

	You can get a prototype implementation from:

	Here's more info on GJ and its inclusion into the mainstream:

 >From: "Joseph S Barrera III" <>

 >> ... doesn't Java have Generics? (Templates?)
 >> Not having generics makes things so awkard, and
 >> makes it too easy to write type-unsafe code.
 >> Jeez. I think that's the only think I miss from C++.

	The correct usage of templates for the average C++ programmer
	is/was beyond their reach.

	One of the original Solbourne C++ engineers (a name you'd
	recognize), who I consider one of the best programmers I've
	ever met, considered C++ templates not to be worth using.  He
	never used them in a "production" system.  His reasoning was
	based on software maintenance (caretaker of someone else's
	code) issues.

	J.Gosling was never a big fan of C++ templates and really fought
	to keep the idea out of Java, but pressure from Joy and Steele
	seemed to have made a convert out of James.

	Frank G.