Re[2]: Ari Fleisher was a big fat lying idiot.
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 00:17:38 -0500

I've actually had subscriptions to the Economist at various times. I
meant in re: the turkish bits.  (Remember Joe, I was beaten with the
cluestick by Rohit personally.  The Economist is a necessary prereq
for being his friend ;-)).
I don't subscribe now because its a tad higher than my poor starving
law budget can afford.   I need to find my way into a free
subscription.  Maybe I can be a cam whore and make that part of my

As for Ari Fleischer, he's always a big fat lying idiot, I was
pointing out a specific instance -- I need to work on proofreading.

JSBI> wrote:
>> Sweet.  I'll check it out.  The Economist always seems to be a good
>> source for bits.

JSBI> It is. Well worth the cost of subscription, even (especially?)
JSBI> if it means dropping an American news magazine to afford it.

JSBI> Politically, I would guess that most American conservatives would
JSBI> consider it liberal, and most American liberals would consider it
JSBI> conservative.

JSBI> - Joe

JSBI> P.S. The subject line confuses me a bit.
JSBI> It seems to imply that he stopped being a big fat lying idiot?

Best regards,