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Gregory Alan Bolcer
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:49:21 -0800

Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>> Numbers from my undergrade daze:
>> ALRM-95 12, 12.1-12.8.

Ada Language Reference Manual for Ada95.  It's this
slate grey-green book that anyone who's
ever programmed Ada has memorized.  Ada was
designed by committee, so like politics,
if the compiler you were using did something
funky--and they usually did and do for any
new language--you always had to go argue the
letter and spirit of the LRM with the
compiler vendor.

You couldn't use the online version as you didn't
have enough screen real estate, so you always
had a dog-eared copy lying around.  And when
you didn't--you had it memorized.   ALRM-95
section 12 covers generics and generic instatiation
of tasks, packages.

 > In *my* day, Ada was still being born, and the biggest problem
 > with Ada was that it took 1/2 hour to compile a 400 line Ada
 > program on a multiuser VAX 11/750. Which was a drag.

You wouldn't know it by the "planet of the apes"
facade, but UC Irvine was actually a hotbed of
Ada83 and Ada95 language specs having participated
on the strawman, woodenman, tinman, and ironman
Ada specs.

Ada was *always* in its infancy.


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