Re Second US diplomat quits over Iraq policy

Damien Morton
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 11:00:58 -0500

Good for him. I'm glad he got off his foggy
bottom and did something if he really didn't
support the policy he was entrusted to enact.

That brings the number of resigning diplomats to about
2 out of 260 or so senior diplomatic and consular posts
and 2,400 others senior to mid-level diplomats--definitely less than 1%.

If you believe the numbers in the news, 30% of Americans don't support
the war, so I wonder if the discrepancy means that
they are strong supporters or just afraid of losing
their cushy state departmentjobs?

Senior diplomats publically resigning because of differences with
administration policies is the public service equivalent of dousing
yourself in petrol and lighting a match. 

Its also happening amongst America's closest allies:,4057,6114199%255E2,00.html
"A SENIOR analyst with the Government's top-secret intelligence
assessment agency has resigned in protest against Australia's
involvement in the looming war with Iraq."
"Rebel cabinet minister Clare Short has kept her job but effectively
been cut adrift by Tony Blair after her devastating attack on his