[POLITICOS] Armageddon Time..

Bill Stoddard bill@wstoddard.com
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:51:23 -0500

Russell Turpin wrote:
> Ian Andrew Bell:
>> Jerry Falwell, on 60 Minutes, tonight, will call Mohamed, the prophet 
>> of Islam, a Terrorist.
> The irony is that the Old Testament contains quite
> a bit more outright terrorism than the Quran. The
> earliest description of genocide is in the
> Pentateuch, committed by Moses, as commanded by
> the ancient Israelite god, who explicitly called
> for the slaughter of innocents. Many Christians
> will point out an important difference: Moses is
> a myth, while Mohammed and his conquests are real.
> But that out is not available to Falwell and other
> fundamentalists, who take the Bible literally.

Was the original post by IAB really 10/6/2002?  I think Falwell did and 
subsequently apologised, though I suspect the apology was not sincere.

Don't make the mistake of too closly associating "American Christianity" 
(whatever that is) with Jerry Falwell. Last time I checked, most 
Christian denominations in the US were officially against the war. FWIW, 
most Christians I know can't stand Falwell. He's stuck in an 
intellectual ghetto and is dragging Christianity down with him.