The Honest Thief

Eugen Leitl
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:02:57 +0100 (CET)

On 11 Mar 2003, Luis Villa wrote:

> That'll be totally terrifying to the RIAA, except... it's not going to
> happen. What's the profit motive for anyone to lay down that kind of

Apart from wireless (there's about a GBit/s worth of bandwidth within a 
wireless cell) there's the potential of plastic fibers doing 1-10 GBit/s 
on short distances, and really cheap routers to string a geographic mesh 
through the neighbourhood. Wireless will be there first, of course.

> bandwidth out to the edges? BigCos are struggling to find the motivation
> to lay down the moderately shitty bandwidth we've already got. /if/ they
> ever find motivation, it'll be because someone with 'content' has bribed
> them into setting down a strictly controlled pipe they figure they can
> charge by the film/tune/whatever for. And a network like that isn't
> going to scare the RIAA much.

Dunno, I'm pulling up 700 GByte data chunks over a 128/768 kBit/s ADSL
line quite comfortably. And that's even with current low P2P penetration,
so not many nodes are on the local loop. I understand phone copper can be
tweaked to do 1-10 MBit/s, symmetrical. That means a small ~$500 GBit
switch can serve of up to 1 kUsers.

In Japan you can get fiber Ethernet through a hole drilled through the 
wall but the RIAA should be afraid, very afraid, anyway.