Twelve dollars and sixty cents

Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:27:00 -0500 (EST)

Render unto tomwhore what is tomwhores


"Not. Back in September[1] we reported on a class action suit leveled at a
number of Music industry players that accused them of anti-competitive
price-fixing. Back in January[2], we reported that victims of said price
fixing could hit this website and sign up[3] (too late now), and
eventually  receive up to $20 in the settlement, provided of course that
you had  actually purchased a CD between January 1 1995 and December 22,
2000. 3.5 million Americans made their way to the on-line form, and it
appears [4]that  victims will receive $12.60 apiece, should a judge
approve it.

So punk, do ya feel vindicated? While it's not much, it's probably enough
to pinch the greedy execs who finally got caught trying to rip us off. To
be sure, they at least know that they can't hide behind the curtain all of
the time. What will you do with your spiffy $12 check? I can tell you
where I won't be spending it. Thanks to KD5MDK for the heads up."