seeking a kurzgeschichte

Dave Long
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:43:45 -0800

I most likely got warped by having to read
far too many german post-war scribblings in
my formative years.  Two of them have stuck
with me: the first, Duerrenmatt's Visit, is
a play in which a bitter old lady wishes to
see her old boyfriend killed by the village,
and hence offers them a great deal of money
to do so.

It is easily found.  But the second, a short
story about a crippled young veteran who is
given the make-work of counting the traffic
on a certain bridge, and who then sticks it
to the Man by not counting a(?) pretty girl
(was it only one? or were they countless?),
is not so easily found.

I think it had "ungezaehlte" and "geliebte"
in the title, but Google comes up dry, and
I have no clue, who it gewritten has.

Any pointers?


:: :: ::

> Aack! Don't mix Japanese and... Latin? ...
> so early in the morning!

Nonne the verb in both at the proper end
of the sentence arimas'ka?