Thu, 13 Mar 2003 15:01:00 -0500 (EST)

Its a web server, its an rj45 jack, its a web server, its an rj45

OK, rj45 jacks with web servers? yea, but a serial line of a meger 300kbs
whats that all about. Solider this into your fridge and you can keep your
lembeck chilled until someone pulls out the berries. Ding Ding. What about
poping a wifi<>etherbridge device on em and then your wirelss into a tiny
tiny web server. 512k of memeory, no problem, with the stuff from the 5k
contest you got lots of ways to stuff content.33$ in lots of 10000 is a
lot of lots, hopefully prices will hit the 20 dollar mark for off the
shelf. hmmm, there are some ideas I can see with this, im sure they all
suck though. ModSubPub folks, embeded folks, outbeded folks? Someone,

then again "Sony's reportedly shipping a Memory-Stick-compatible WiFi card
in July that will add 802.11b support to any Clie handheld."

Wheres the love for the palms? I ask you, wheres the love..and the power