Geek Radio: Steve Martin/Robin Williams on Funny Numbers (3/16 & 3/18)

Rohit Khare
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:25:12 -0800

 From KQED Radio 88.5 FM in San Francisco...

> Excuuuuuse me!
> Steve Martin, the thinking man's comic, author, playwright, curious 
> aesthete, sits down to discuss "Funny Numbers" with Bob Osserman of 
> the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. Then, in blows that 
> other force of comedic nature, Robin Williams, and the conversation is 
> up for grabs on City Arts & Lectures. Don't miss it: Sunday, March 16, 
> at 1pm; re-broadcast March 18 at 8pm.

And don't forget -- tomorrow is Pi Day!