Sylvia Maxwell
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 19:06:49 -0500

> > There is no need for that.  Iraq is not threatening or attacking the
> > U.S. or its allies.  If Bush attacks them, whether because he fears
> > them, or feels that he needs to lash out to prove his manliness in
> > ensuring the security of the American people (due to previous failure
> > to do so), or wants their resources, or whatever the reason, then he
> > will go down in infamy, as will all those who support his crusade.
> > And if Bin Laden were to fly a 747 into the White House and kill Bush
> > and his entourage right now, I would go out and dance in the streets,
> > along with billions.

oh yeah?  Hussein keeps referring to me as a "beautiful sculpture".  to 
him, and i know this from personal experience and so do some of my 
friends or at least one of them, that "beautiful sculpture" means a 
gangrenous tortured body tied to a tree.  about 20 years ago he had 
gangrenous guck growing all over me, trying to freak me out and make me 
think i was decomposing since i told him i'd rather cut my breasts off 
than let HIM play with them or something to that effect.  there was a 
rather lengthy context to this.  i was supposed to be AFRAID and want to 
be "modest".  RIIIGHT.  Joseph cut his toe off and volunteered to be a 
sculpture instead of burning my thighs off like Hussein wanted him to.  
the other doctor faked me being injured, until we could get OUT of there 
by saying i was being proper but wanted to go home and visit my family 
first.  real nice guy. at that time, Ben Laden was walking around the 
sculpture garden with a drink in his hand, and Hussein was referring to 
him as his "sun".  there were about 20 Americans in teh garden at that 
time, who i HOPE got to go home with me, that was the deal.  for all i 
know they ended up as green withering smush in the sun.  tell me again 
he's not after Americans.  i was supposed to bear a son or go back to the 
garden and be a sculpture.  i could have "a pedestal".  i didn't bear