- House cafeterias change names for 'french fries' and 'french toast' - Mar. 12, 2003

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is there a parallel test for the bushes?

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Rob Caesar Augustus wrote:

> There is no need for that.  Iraq is not threatening or attacking the
> U.S. or its allies.  If Bush attacks them, whether because he fears
> them, or feels that he needs to lash out to prove his manliness in
> ensuring the security of the American people (due to previous failure
> to do so), or wants their resources, or whatever the reason, then he
> will go down in infamy, as will all those who support his crusade.

Iraq is destroying their weapons because:
   a) they want to comply with the UN resolutions
   b) there's several hundred thousand troops massed across the border.

The US and UN involvement in the 1994 Hutu and Tutsi African
genocide was about:
   a) Oil
   b) Human rights

The human rights attrocities in Iraq are
   a) an internal matter best left up to self-determination via the Iraqi
   b) grave and of such a massive nature that since the second world war,
      few parallels can be found.

"When you weed the lawn, you have to use weed-killer" is:
   a) A good strategy for having a stadium ready-front lawn that you're
      neighbors will drool over in suburban America.
   b) Saddam's justification for using chemical weapons to suppress
      the threat of Kurdish dissent.

Jacques Chirac when he was Mayor of Paris
   a) Believed in modern, progressive medical care, women's rights, and
      religious freedom in the Arab and 3rd world
   b) Wined and dined young, politically powerful Saddam draped in the
      latest Paris fashion in the late 70s.

How to grade this test.  Add up all the number of a's  and
all the number of b's and send your score in so we can make
fun of it.


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