WSMF Listening Room 3/2003

Fri, 14 Mar 2003 02:26:40 -0500 (EST)

Lots of new things to listen to can be had from

Two kids related shows make thier way to the listening room; drop in and
listen to episodes of Sky King and Smillin Ed's Buster Brown Gang.

More Jean Shepherd has made its way into the room as well. Multiple shows
on Jean's adventures in the MIddle East as well as ponderings on NYC as a
medieval town, the Peace Watch, the night people, and hours more.

Last, but not least, a smattering of Goons to keep our spirits up while
the not so funny goons attempt to ruin the ground we walk on. Who is pink
oboe? Does Major Bloodknock await on the boarder of Iraq for another
chance to skip out of a fight? Will Bluebotle be deaded?

All the files already in place will remain. So long as the hds permit I
will be adding to the listening room without taking away. So the Fifth
Horseman is still available as well as the previously posted  Jean
Shepherd shows.

 The WSMF Listening Room awaits the pleasure of your company.