My first look at BitKeeper.

Justin Erenkrantz
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 07:19:13 -0800

--On Thursday, March 13, 2003 4:20 PM -0800 Adam Rifkin <> 

> [Adam found these bits... RK]
> BitKeeper itself seems like a really nice versioning system for distributed
> development of big projects...

Well, just remember that if you work on a 'competing' SCM (as defined by 
BitMover) that you are barred from ever using the 'free' copy of BK.  You must 
pay ~$5k to use it to access otherwise 'free' projects.

I've been barred due to my Subversion activities (same boat as Ben Collins, 
former Debian Project Leader).  The rest of the academic SCM community is 
barred from using BitKeeper as well.  (I wonder how many of them realize that 

Out of pure principle, I'd refuse to work with a tool backed by a company that 
has such draconian policies.

Try Subversion instead -  =)  It's free with no 
strings attached.  -- justin