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Amicus Brief to help keep religious wording out of the Pledge of Allegiance

I am researching, and preparing to draft and file a US Supreme Court Amicus
Curiae brief
supporting the correct 9th Circuit finding that "under God" added by
zealots in the 1950's is Unconstitutional as violating the Separation of 
and State. The Amicus (Friend of the Court) brief will supplement any
response brief filed
in opposition to Attorney General Ashcroft's likely Petition for 
Certiorari, in
which Ashcroft would try to put "under God" back into the Pledge of 

Mine is not an anti-religion effort, it is instead intended to return the
to its rightful status as a civil patriotic pledge. Some truly religious
from a wide range of religions, and others for whom organized religion 
distant, are supporting my efforts.

Two years ago, I filed two successive Petitions for Writ of Habeas 
Corpus in the
US Supreme Court, seeking to return the Cuban boy, Elian Gonzalez, to his
The full court reviewed both Habeas Petitions, but did not act, because soon
it was able to effectively ratify the lower Federal Court of Appeals
decision by simply
denying Certiorari.

Last year, I filed a Certiorari Petition for Carnell Smith, of Georgia, 
who has
proven by DNA testing that he is not the biological father of a girl he was
tricked into supporting. He sought to stop the wrongful support order and
obtain a reimbursement for $20,000 of wrongfully paid support.
That Petition, along with thousands of others, was denied Certiorari without

Hopefully the Flag Pledge case will suffer the same fate. However, my Amicus
will likely assist the Court in either denying Certiorari, or if review is
in finally affirming the lower court decision.

I am 62 years old. I learned, at age 3, during the Second World War, to
recite the original Pledge. I was in elementary school when the
religion-promoting unconstitutional Congressional wording was added. I have
since that usurpation, to remain silent  when others mouth "under God".
I've recited the original wording perhaps 10,000 times in the past fifty 

If you wish to donate to my effort, covering costs and expenses, there
is a web page where you may use your credit card:

Bob Hirschfeld, JD