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--]> I would never do such a stupid act for the sake of any
--]> religion ( be it hinduism, christianity, islam,
--]> jewism, or popeism ).
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Ah the Crimson Mask, otherwise known as Blading or Juicing (not to be
confused with using steriods). Many pro wrestlers have honed the skill of
covertly cutting thier heads to sell (that is to put over or make seem
more than it is) a blow, chairshot, turnbuckle hit, etc.

When the juice is really going the announcers will exclaim "Theyve been
busted wide open, my god!!!"

On rare occasions a restler will get juice the "hardway", which usualy
means by accident. A chairshot dose not always cause the juice to flow,
but even off a few fractions of an inch it can "Bustem up wide open the

Some of the older wrestlers bear the marks of over blading. Thier heads
are like road maps of the Bad Lands full of grooves, divits, scars and
bumps. Abdull the Butcher is a great example of this.

links with some history and pics of this activity

Is wrestling fake? Ah the age old question. Are the matches rigged? Yeah.
99% of all match endings are worked out ahead of time. But what goes on
during those matches, the blood, the injuries, the thumbtacks, the falls
form atop a 20 foot steel cage, the chair shots....they are real. Doing
the above for a living has, of course , made the workers figure out how to
do the above for maximum effect with limited damage, but as Mick Foley is
quick to point out, a chairshot still hurts.