[mises] War and the Economy

johnhall johnhall@isomedia.com
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 11:37:27 -0800

> How big is the US military? It is by far the largest and most
> destructive in the history of the world. The US this year will spend
> excess of $400 billion (not including much spy spending). 

Just before 9/11 US defense spending was less than 4% of GDP, and it is
still about there.  That is almost certainly the lowest figure for a
dominant military power in recorded history.

What should scare the world is how _cheap_ US defense spending is for
the American economy.  We could afford quite a bit more.  [JFK /
Eisenhower spent about 10%, Reagan was 6-8% IIRC.]

> What did the war do to the country? All hoopla aside, it is no freer,
> more democratic, and no more prosperous. 


> With regard to Iraq in particular, let us remember that the US has
> unrelenting war on that country for twelve years, with bombings and
> sanctions that the UN says have killed millions. The entire fiasco
> with the Iraqi invasion of its former province, Kuwait, which the US
> ambassador was warned about in advance and responded that the US took
> position on the border-oil dispute then brewing.

If the US ever wages unrelenting war on a country, their population
won't last 12 hours let alone 12 years.

Kuwait was never a province of Iraq.  

The US Ambassador was not warned in advance about an invasion.  She
simply said we didn't get into things like the "border-oil dispute".