Sat, 15 Mar 2003 02:52:42 -0500 (EST)

A few months ago, pretty much after I bought the new house, I caught the
brewing bug. I had been smitten witht he idea of crafting my own brand of
whorebeer goodness but due to living spaces never found the resources to
do the deed. A house with a basement solves many problems.

SO a few months ago I went and got a 5 gallon glass jug, some stopers, a
water lock, yeast, apple cider and misc devices. I kept it under 40 bucks.
Sitting in my basment is a dry yet sweet (thanks to the rasins I pitched
in a week or so ago) and pretty synapse numbing apple brew. I havent
bottled it yet, I want the last chance pitching of sugars to boost the
numbing factor a bit more....

Tonight as the fmaily prowled for bargins at the outlet shops I found a
ready made easy to use and totaly aptartment friendly  kit that would have
had me brewing rich dark uber stouts years ago.

This is marketing at its best. Easy to use, almost fun. They offer
everything you need to brew, bottle and clean up. They have easyt o get
refill kits in a plethora of varieties as well as recipes to start
concocting your own flavas. For less thatn 40$ you are up and brewing 240
oz if beer for your first batch with each batch after that costing about

They also give you all the info you need such that if you are so inclined
you can get down to mixing your own hops, malts and extracts to create
your own brews from the ground up. Thier user docs are pretty dang good.

Im truly impressed.

The great part is that living in POrtland I have access to some truly
amazing  resource for getting a beer exactly like I want it. All I need to
do is go  down to the Hair of The Dog brewery and talk withthe owener over
a glass  of his creations. He gives classes as well but is always happy to
talk shop with interesed folks. He also has great supplys of the makings for a
Uber Fred:)-

The odd thing is , at this poit in my life I am hard pressed to remeber
the week where I have had more than one beer. When I do drink one its
somethign special, somethign I really enjoy. I have not drank for
drinkings sake in a few years and I have to say am more appreciative of
good drinks than I was before. Ive always been educated and demanding of
what I drink, its now just more so due to scarcity.

A friday night rant and a happy McIdiots week to you all.