Lincoln-Mercury's Irvine "Hegira" ends -- back to Detroit

Dave Long
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 13:42:32 -0800

> > Founded in 1971, when it was carved out of a giant ranch 40 miles south
> > of Los Angeles, Irvine is the nation's largest planned community --
> > as well as its most-planned. Drive through the carefully landscaped
> > streets, past mile upon mile of pristine, harmonious town-house and
> > condominium developments, and you'll search in vain for a hint of
> > creativity ... it makes the set of The Truman Show seem gritty.
> Pretty much like what a person from New York would write.

Speaking as someone who drove a car designed
in Irvine, but made my home in the hills near
the ocean anyway, it's not just New Yorkers.

My current rule of thumb goes "avoid living in
any city younger than I am", which may be the
whole-life equivalent of avoiding N.0 releases.

(I was horrified at a how SoCal'ized a corner
in my town had become while I was in Irvinean
exile, but it turned out they'd just had the
franchises in to fill up the new development,
and after a couple of years (like ecological
succession bringing first the weeds, and only
later grasses and saplings, to new clearings)
they were replaced by local small businesses.
By the time the trees grow in (which may have
already happened?) in Irvine, it'll probably
be pretty nice)

That having been said, I'd think it would make
for /more/ corporate creativity.  Just as the
calves in a veal fattening pen are kept still
so their calories go into meat, instead of any
wasted movement, designers in Brasilia, or in
Irvine, or in Reston, or wherever, denied of
any wasted creativity by C&C's, ought then to 
have a maximum to contribute at the office.


(and speaking of hills near the ocean -- my
current landlords have the place up for sale.
Anyone interested in ~20 CA coastal foothill
acres, at a CA coastal foothill price*?)

* those Texans sure can fill bumper stickers:
> Oh Lord, please send me just one more boom.
> And this time I promise not to piss it all away.