crazy idiots

Dan Brickley
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 13:48:25 -0500

* Jeff Bone <> [2003-03-16 12:19-0600]
> On Saturday, Mar 15, 2003, at 15:27 US/Central, Dr. Robert Harley wrote:
> >Russell Turpin wrote:
> >>It doesn't look too bad. Bloody, yeah. But the scalp doesn't have to
> >>be cut much to make a lot of blood.
> >
> >Right, what he said.  Speaking from personal experience, a small cut to
> >the scalp which is a total non-issue can spew an impressive amount of 
> >blood.
> Are all of you totally out to lunch?
> The point isn't whether this is or isn't "as bad as it looks," 
> injurious, etc.  It's that this sort of behavior IS FUCKING CRAZY!
> Literally!
> Cutting is a sign of many kinds of mental illness.  Religious 
> fundamentalism, particularly when it encourages this kind of behavior, 
> is a form of mental illness.

My main concern was not to say 'this isn't weird', just that it needs 
to be seen in context and that there are plenty of behaviours from 
western society that could look equally bizarre to a fresh eye. Tatoos, 
body piercing, circumcision, holy communion, boxing, boozing and 
breast enlargement. There's plenty of strangeness in our world, and 
we can't blame fundamentalists for all of it.