crazy idiots

Elias Sinderson
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:24:14 -0800

Dan Brickley wrote:

>[...] there are plenty of behaviours from western society that could look equally bizarre to a fresh eye. Tatoos, body piercing, circumcision, holy communion, boxing, boozing and breast enlargement. There's plenty of strangeness in our world, and we can't blame fundamentalists for all of it.
Tatoos and body piercing are not the behaviors of western culture, they 
have a history as old as humanity itself. The relatively recent 
fascination with these activities in western culture is endemic of a 
deeper need for ritual which is conspicuosly absent in western culture. 
Circumcision has its roots in Judaism, circa 2700 BC when Abraham 
supposedly circumcized his son to abide by Gods will. Boozing 
specifically is only as old as alcohol but, near as we can tell, the 
phenomena of altering ones consciousness is about as old as 
consciousness. . . Boxing, or similar activities, goes way back as well 
and can be found in some form in many cultures that are definitively not 
western. I'll give you breast enlargement.  :-)