chicks & computers [was: [BATN] Bay Area gas at record high; experts cite ethanol]

Joseph S Barrera III
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 18:32:33 -0800

James Rogers wrote:
> Your standards are still too low.

And how can you possibly know this?

> evidence.  What was so great about these female systems engineers? 
> Would I know who they are?

Evidently not.

> If they are great, give me evidence of their superior engineering
> skills.

What, with a few pithy paragraphs in a high-noise mailing list?
Somehow I doubt it's worth the effort.

>> So I can only conclude that you, along with Adam, simply repel 
>> qualified women away from you before you're even aware of them.
> That is a ridiculously shallow conclusion;

No, that was an attempt at humor. Never mind.
Once again I forgot to use the required emoticon.

> I could easily play along by concluding that you've never worked
> with people doing *real* engineering. Pretty pointless.

"Could"? That's exactly what you *are* doing.
After all, that's why my standards are so low, right?

You are right, though; this is pretty pointless.
I'm just glad I don't live on your planet.

- Joe