Airport ThoughtCrimes

Bill Stoddard
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 13:22:39 -0500

Tom wrote:
> ----------------------------------
>  A traveller flying to San Diego from Seattle found his luggage had been
> opened by the Federal Transport Security Authority, who had left behind a
> note telling him so, on which was scrawled "DONT APPRECIATE YOUR
> ANTI-AMERICAN ATTITUDE" -- a reference to the "No Iraq War" signs he'd
> picked up in a shop in Seattle.
> (
> So, the Feds are not only inspecting our bags -- and invading our privacy
> -- to ensure that they are bomb-free; they're now taking it upon
> themselves to chastise us for our political beliefs? What the hell does
> keeping bombs off airplanes have to do with winkling out protest signs?

And Bush-the-lesser personally authorized this too.

It went down like this:
Joe: "Heh pres, this dude has anti-war signs in his luggage"
Bush: "Joe, leave him a note saying that you don't appreciate it.  Gotta 
keep those left wing whackos in line while I engineer armegeddeon. Oh, 
and Good job Joe! I'll see to it that Jerry F. saves a place in heaven 
for you"

True story.