Hey, Adam! Look! They're going to dumb down Java! Bet you didn't think that was possible!

Joseph S Barrera III joe@barrera.org
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 11:06:31 -0800

Bill Stoddard wrote:
> Might be interesting to see what Sun comes up with. Will it be Java
> with a VB syntax (of questionable value since I would guess that
> the resulting language will not really behave like native VB) or
> will they go all the way and replicate the VB object model,
> semantic bahaviour and all, on top of Java?

I'm assuming they will leave the language alone and just
provide a drag-and-drop visual model for creating GUIs,
that generates the code based on what you've dragged
and dropped. That actually would be pretty cool. The
only GUI code I've ever managed to write was in VB
(I'm normally a hard core system person, albeit evidently
a mediocre one with low standards, as I work with women.)

- Joe
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